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September 30, 2020

Publishing News

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Bloomberg Creates 'Wealth' Vertical On Personal Finances
MediaPost: "Bloomberg has launched a vertical to “help readers and viewers make smarter decisions about their personal finances.” Bloomberg Wealth has currently organized content on the site around six main topics: Wealth Management, Pay, Billionaires, Art, Risk and Taxes & Policy. Subcategories include Investing, Pursuits, Reinvention, Cybersecurity, Business, Deals, Finance and Technology. Articles range from “Six things you’re doing wrong when buying stocks on your own” to “Where to invest $1 million right now.” Bloomberg Wealth is the latest in a slew of new verticals launched by the business publication. Just this year, Bloomberg launched verticals dedicated to the business and future of entertainment (Screentime) , climate change (Bloomberg Green) and cities (Bloomberg CityLab).These verticals joined Prognosis (health care) and Hyperdrive (auto)."

Vox Media Unveils Self-Serve Tool For Marketers
MediaPost: "Vox Media’s new self-serve tool Concert Ad Manager is aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses that want to build and launch ad campaigns at scale across premium publishers in the company's marketplaces. “Until now, scaled access to top-tier publisher environments has been inaccessible to the vast majority of marketers,” stated AJ Frucci, VP programmatic advertising and head of Concert. “With Concert Ad Manager, we are extending the unique pillars of Concert... to a broader pool of marketers than ever before.” Vox Media’s advertising operations team will oversee Concert Ad Manager. The new product is being tested with about 12 brands, including Jupiter, RéVive Skincare and Parallel Markets. Advertisers that use Concert Ad Manager can access inventory from publishers such as NBC Universal, Penske Media, Condé Nast, Buzzfeed and Hearst Newspapers in the Concert marketplace. Brands will also have access to ad inventory across the Concert Local marketplace, which launched this year in partnership with the Google News Initiative. It includes local media brands like Advance Local, Boston Globe, Chicago Sun-Times, Dallas Morning News, Star Tribune, Tampa Bay Times and Texas Monthly. Vox says Concert (founded in 2016) can reach more than 230 million unique monthly visitors, and Concert Local reaches 130 million unique monthly visitors. Using the new tool, advertisers can build their own custom Athena units, Vox Media’s proprietary ad solution that supports different formats like video. It can also ad target, based on location, audience interests, device or contextual channels, such as travel or entertainment. Within Concert Ad Manager, advertisers can access a dashboard management system to create and submit ad campaigns for approvals, as well as launch campaigns and see real-time performance. Vox Media will also share data on when and where ads perform best, based on the company’s experience creating over 12,000 custom ad units in the past three years."

Time Says '100' Drove Revenue, Subs
Axios: "This year's Time 100 event drove 10.14B media impressions in first 72 hours, [reports] Time President Keith Grossman tells me, driving revenue around the event to increase 71% YoY, despite its virtual nature. Why it matters: Pivoting its annual glitzy New York City event into a prime-time broadcast special proved hugely effective. Grossman says that it drove over 27,000 new subscriptions to Time, which is more than 75% its weekly average. After 72 hours, Time's "Time100" posts on Instagram and Facebook that featured Dr. Anthony Fauci were the highest performers."

YouTube, Through the News Media, Has Become Important News Source
VentureBeat: "YouTube has emerged as a critical source of news for people in the U.S. as independent and traditional media sources attract massive audiences on the video-sharing site. But the growing influence of Google’s video platform also heightens concerns about its struggle to control rampant disinformation and harassment. In a new study from Pew Research Center, 26% of U.S. adults said they now get their news from YouTube. That includes 23% via videos posted by news organizations and 23% from independent YouTube channels. Researchers surveyed 12,638 U.S. adults for the report. “The study finds a news landscape on YouTube in which established news organizations and independent news creators thrive side by side — and consequently, one where established news organizations no longer have full control over the news Americans watch,” the authors wrote. The report defines “external news organizations” as both traditional media like the New York Times and digital-native outlets like BuzzFeed. Independent channels can include celebrities like John Oliver alongside “YouTubers,” the 30% who have built their following almost entirely on the platform. While the report paints a picture of a thriving news ecosystem, it also notes some disturbing differences between traditional and independent sources. Independent channels, for instance, tend to be built around personalities, rather than a broader news organization. And those independent channels are far more likely to focus on conspiracy theories around subjects like anti-vaccine topics or Jeffrey Epstein’s death"...


Retail News

Walmart's New Supercenter Design Stresses Contactless
USA Today: "Walmart unveiled a new, reimagined store design Wednesday rolling out to 200 locations this fiscal year, which ends in early 2021, and another 1,000 by next fiscal year that officials say will create a "seamless" omni shopping experience with more self-checkout kiosks and contactless payment options. Janey Whiteside, the retailer's chief customer officer, said the new design was planned before the pandemic and one of the goals is to save shoppers time." We're working hard to make it easy for customers to be able to toggle between their physical experiences that are in the store and their digital journeys," Whiteside told USA Today... Walmart has been testing the redesign in select stores in Arkansas.. [it] will come to more stores this fall and will continue to evolve based on feedback. "By the end of this fiscal year, the experience will be in nearly 200 Supercenters as well as in select Health Centers and Neighborhood Markets, reaching close to 1,000 stores by next fiscal year," Whiteside said... the inspiration for the design was "airport wayfinding systems as best-in-class examples of how to navigate large groups of people." The signage on the outside of stores and inside is updated to reflect the Walmart app icon and there are visual reminders encouraging shoppers to download and use it while they shop, such as how to use the app's item finder and navigate around the store with a map. The design focuses “on getting what you want as quickly as possible so you're not endlessly walking up and down aisles looking for items,” Whiteside said, adding the layout brings greater visibility to key items throughout the store, including dedicated in-store sections for electronics, toys, baby products and more. Stores also will include self-checkout kiosks as well as contactless payment solutions, including Walmart Pay, "to limit contact between associates and customers," she said. Select locations will also have Scan & Go, part of the new Walmart+ membership program. With the in-store feature, shoppers scan items as they shop and then pay using Walmart Pay. Regardless of whether your Walmart is one of the first to get redesigned, there are some features available to all shoppers using the app, including the item finder with the maps and Walmart Pay options. Walmart has combined its Walmart Grocery app with its main app to allow consumers to shop for items in multiple departments, much like a trip to one of the company's Supercenters... 

More on Amazon Prime Day Grocery Store Deals
Grocery Dive: "Amazon will offer a "Spend $10, Get $10" promotion on purchases at Whole Foods Market, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Go and Amazon Go Grocery locations for Prime members, the company announced in a blog post on Tuesday. The promotion, which began on Tuesday and lasts through Prime Day on Oct. 13 and 14, allows members to earn up to $50 in credit. It applies to in-store purchases at Amazon Fresh, Amazon Go, Go Grocery, Amazon Books, Amazon Pop Up and Amazon 4-star, as well as purchases both in-store and online from Whole Foods Market. To receive the credit, customers can use their Amazon app tied to a Prime account, use a linked mobile phone number or use a Prime account at checkout. Amazon, which saw its YoY sales increase around 40% in Q2 2020, is in an enviable position going into the holiday months. Its "Spend $10, Get $10" promotion demonstrates a desire to monopolize consumers across discrete industries, both retail and grocery. It is likely also aimed at boosting foot traffic long-term at Amazon’s new Fresh and Go Grocery locations, which have opened only in the last couple of weeks, and where Amazon is trialing new grocery shopping features such as its Dash Cart. Last year’s Prime Day, which included a similar "Spent $10, Get $10" promotion for Whole Foods purchases... had limited success in creating excitement for its grocery offerings... [but did] boost Prime membership signups. As Amazon has crept further into the grocery segment, including in the more conventional in-store models of Fresh and Go Grocery, its existing Prime benefits program provides an existing, loyal consumer base. As Doug Stephens, founder of Retail Prophet, said in an interview last year, Amazon’s Prime program is a “strategic vehicle for Amazon” to allow it to then work on “moving people over to some of these physical assets like Whole Foods""...

Schnucks Expands Robotic Workforce
PG: "Schnuck Markets Inc. is launching Simbe Robotics' autonomous robot Tally in 46 additional stores to enhance inventory management. These stores are in addition to the 16 stores that have been piloting Tally during the past couple of years, three since July 2017 and the 13 other stores since October 2018. Dave Steck, VP of IT infrastructure and development for Schnucks, says that the robots have had positive impacts on the business, such as: 14 times more out-of-stock detection than manual auditing and at least 20% reduction in out-of-stock items in stores using Tally. Increased accuracy of real-time inventory that feeds into Schnucks’ automated replenishment system, allowing for more efficient inventory management. Streamlined ordering and replenishment, ensuring store shelves are restocked quicker to meet customer needs. Access to real-time product location data through the Schnucks Rewards app, enabling more efficient shopping trips for customers and stocking for teammates. “The amount of critical data and valuable insights that Tally continues to bring us from a select number of stores is immeasurable,” said Steck. “By expanding our partnership with Simbe and introducing Tally to more than half our stores, we will improve our in-stock position for our customers and free up our teams from tedious inventory-related tasks, allowing more focus on service. Improving our customer’s experiences has always been deeply important to us and is becoming even more critical to operations in a rapidly changing retail environment"...

Walmart Wants to Invest in 'Super App' Coming from India's Tata
Reuters: "Walmart is in talks with Tata Group for an investment of up to $25B in the Indian conglomerate's planned "super app", the Mint newspaper reported on Tuesday, citing people familiar with the matter. The app, scheduled to be launched in India in December or January, will tie in all of Tata’s consumer business, including healthcare, grocery, insurance, fashion and electronics, the report said. Walmart has hired Goldman Sachs as the banker for the proposed deal that could be run as a joint venture managed by Tata and include offerings from Walmart’s Flipkart, the paper said"...


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